GOP lawmakers vow to keep fighting for repeal of Obamacare
Rocky Mount TelegramJun 25 09:35 PM

RALEIGH ? Substitute teacher Kim Jones of Wake Forest said Thursday?s U.S. Supreme Court decision allows her to keep receiving help to pay for the health insurance she credits for saving her life.
Deprogamming the Southern California lawn
Los Angeles TimesJul 03 05:57 AM

My first lawn in Southern California was at a Burbank rental where the landlord asked my husband and me to keep the yard watered. A dewy-eyed newbie to this end of the state, I thought, "Not a problem." The landlord paid for the water and it was mid-1980s cheap.
Read The Best July Fourth Oration Ever Given
The Huffington PostJul 04 11:35 AM

In 1852, the abolitionist Frederick Douglass delivered what could be considered the best July Fourth oration ever given. In an address to the Ladies? Anti-Slavery Society of Rochester, New York, he heralded the great strides America had made up to that point but also warned that freedom was and would continue to be a work in progress. Read the whole speech below (text courtesy of the University...
Must God Apologise To Sodom & Gomorrah?
Ghanaweb.comJun 13 09:02 PM

Perversion is an intoxicating drug. It affects the whole place of sanity and thought.
81 things Huckabee has denounced, including Beyonce, biscuits and gravy
Washington PostJul 01 08:24 AM

A very long but incomplete list.
Aviation campers take flight
The Daily AdvanceJun 16 12:17 AM

Participants in Elizabeth City State University?s annual ACE Academy are often urged to aim high and reach for the skies. Dear Reader, This content is only available to subscribers of The Daily Advance print and/or e-edition.
Hospital patient takes deputy?s gun
The Daily AdvanceJun 14 08:01 PM

A woman taken to Sentara Albemarle Medical Center around 3 p.m. Sunday for an evaluation of suspected mental issues ?went off? and took a female deputy?s gun, Pasquotank County Sheriff Randy Cartwright said.
Pasquotank hires lobbyists for %2470K
The Daily AdvanceJun 19 03:47 PM

Saying the county was ?blindsided? by proposed legislation that could cost it more to provide 911 services, Pasquotank commissioners have elected to join their colleagues in Currituck and Camden counties and hire paid lobbyists to track new bills in the N.C. Legislature.
The Tao of Orange Is the New Black
The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsJun 29 01:53 PM

In season one of Orange Is the New Black, when an attempt to scare a group of wayward teens straight results in their derision, Piper tells one of them that the scariest thing about prison isn?t other people?it?s the fact that it forces you to come to terms with who you really are. Season three, which was released on Netflix earlier this month, has doubled down on this thesis in unexpected ways...
Pickup catches fire
The Daily AdvanceJun 16 02:35 PM

A fire-damaged 1985 Chevrolet C-10 pickup truck sits off the roadway on U.S. Highway 17 bypass, Tuesday.

The summer?s hottest concerts
The CoastJun 17 09:16 PM

Rap, country, parody, elbow-in-the-face punk?this summer?s concert line-up has a little something for everyone, even you cheapskates looking for a free show. by Adria Young June 20 Dipset Between 1997 and 1999, a few Harlem rappers formed as The Diplomats (AKA Dipset), signing to Def Jam with Jay Z for a minute while Cam'Ron (AKA Killa Cam) started his climb in mainstream rap radio, peaking at ...
The state of the nation address from the layman?s point of view- part 2
Ghanaweb.comJul 01 08:39 AM

Fellow Ghanaians, countrymen and women, this pathetic piece designed as Part 2 that you have spent some time to read today was supposed to have been published around July 24, to coincide exactly with the third anniversary of the sudden demise of the late president, John Mills but not.
The Greatest Good
The Atlantic via Yahoo! FinanceJun 15 04:30 AM

Last winter, William MacAskill and his wife Amanda moved into a Union Square apartment that I was sharing with several friends in New York. MacAskill, I soon discovered, was a Cambridge-and Oxford-trained philosopher, and a steward of what?s known as effective altruism, a burgeoning movement that has been called "generosity for nerds." Effective altruism seeks to maximize the good from one's ...
Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny
The Gilmer MirrorJun 14 04:35 PM

Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny
Police seek Cook Out shooting suspects
The Daily AdvanceJun 14 11:33 AM

Police are seeking two suspects in connection with the shooting of a third man early Saturday morning near the Cook Out restaurant in Elizabeth City.
Walking the Green Line
Haaretz DailyJun 07 05:48 AM

It is now 48 years since the Six-Day War, a short military campaign with long-term consequences for Israel and the Palestinians. Writer Nir Baram spent a year meeting people on both sides of the Green Line.
Sorry guys, beards are over
MashableJun 10 02:50 PM

Beards are officially dead With the advent of the yuccie ?that is, the Young Urban Creative?there?s been a slow demise of the hipster tribe, with millennials now flocking toward more sophisticated shores See also: Your beard is dirty as a toilet Joel Alexander, among many of the yuccies set, have opted to shave their beards. "Beards are now over," he says Image: Joel Alexander They?ve now been ...
?Grace? is a disease of our politics
The Manila TimesJun 14 07:59 AM

RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAOFirst of Two Parts The meteoric rise in two years of Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares to a point where she is now believed to have a shot at the presidency next year is a symptom of our deepest ? Read more ? The post ?Grace? is a disease of our politics appeared first on The Manila Times Online .
Joe Firestone: Fast ?Track: It Looks Like It?s In Pelosi?s Lap or Maybe Not!
Naked CapitalismJun 11 01:50 PM

This post presents the latest whip count on the Fast Track vote and how support is weakening among Republicans. Please keep up your calls to Representatives against the bill. You can find phone numbers here .
Zakaria: Why Saudi Arabia can?t get a nuclear weapon
Washington PostJun 11 05:13 PM

How would it train scientists? Who would build the bomb? The country hasn?t even built a car.